YMMV / Michael Jordan

  • Epileptic Trees: Jordan's 1993 retirement. More than a decade after the fact, some people still believe that this was actually a strategic move designed to divert attention from his on-going gambling investigation and allow the NBA to avoid having to hand a huge suspension down to its highest profile player. Although Jordan claimed that his Showy Invincible Hero status and the recent murder of his father made him realize that there was more to life than basketball, his choice of language during the press conference, disastrous minor league baseball career and quick return to the NBA only fueled speculation that these were not the true reasons behind his exit. Serious tin-hats alleged that Jordan's dealings in the gambling community were responsible for his father's murder. Some also believe that current NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler is Jordan's illegitimate son.
  • Memetic Badass: Among his nicknames include Air Jordan, His Airness, the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
  • Memetic Mutation: The Crying Jordan.
  • Narm: His line about "missing more than 9000 shots" can be this to anyone who watched Dragonball Z.
  • So Okay, It's Average: His baseball career can be seen as this. Although considered a lark by many, the fact Jordan hit above the Mendoza line at .202 with 30 stolen bases and 50 walks at the AA level despite not having played any level of baseball since high school just speaks to his extraordinary athleticism, even if his baseball ability wound up just ordinary. The fact is if not for the 1994 strike, he probably would have continued playing.