!!YMMV Tropes in ''Mezzacotta'' include:
* ArchiveBinge: Going through the entire archives would take many, many lifetimes.
* ArchivePanic: Oh. My. God.
* The entire comic. Evidently some people understand this comic, and even find it funny. It doesn't help (or maybe the creators just want to add to the mystery) that the website doesn't have much explanation of itself. Needless to say, going to the "first" comic doesn't help.
!!YMMV tropes in ''Comments on a Postcard'' include:
* GeniusBonus: One of the "About" pages reads "According to an analysis of your IP address, you access this site from a computer located in the Langerhans Islets. In accordance with Langerhans Islets pornography laws, individual pictures will not be displayed." The Islets of Langerhans are groups of hormone-secreting cells in the pancreas.
!!YMMV tropes in ''Square Root of Minus Garfield'' are [[YMMV/SquareRootOfMinusGarfield here]].