YMMV / Mew

  • Narm: In "156" there's the line "From my boat I can see your house". For some reason Jonas mispronounces "boat" and it sounds like he's saying "From my butt I can see your house", unintentionally making it funny.
  • Signature Song: Most could probably agree that "Am I Wry? No" stands out the most in terms of popularity. Imagine Dragons even featured the song in a Spotify playlist.
  • Tear Jerker: Thanks to Jonas's fragile-sounding voice and the band's penchant for Lyrical Dissonance, they have a ton of these. The one-two punch of "White Lips Kissed" and "Louise Louisa" at the end of Kites, and the old lady singing at the end of "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy" on No More Stories are standouts among the numerous examples.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Jonas believes lyrics that only hint at a meaning are better than the ones simply stating it.