YMMV / Metal Armor Dragonar

  • Complete Monster: General Dorchenov is a high-ranking, brutal member of the Giganos Empire who pushes his leader Marshall Guiltorre to worse deeds, including advocating for a group of Earthling demonstrators to be massacred. When he reveals his super weapon, the Lava Gun, to cause mass casualties on Earth, a disgusted Guiltorre rebukes him, resulting in Dorchenov murdering him, framing the heroic Giganos pilot Meio Plato of the crime and seizing control of the Giganos empire. Dorchenov proceeds to brutalize the Earth, ordering as much death be brought to he planet as possible. When he loses the advantage, he orders his own men to initiate suicidal tactics and takes advantage of an attempted cease-fire to kill even more of Earth's forces, taking the hero Kaine's mother hostage to gain a greater advantage, admitting he cares nothing for the cause of Giganos as long as he can win in the end.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The first opening theme, Yume-Iro Chaser.
  • Memetic Mutation: Due to a "Blind Idiot" Translation in a Chinese bootleg: I'M SEND YOU TO THE NETHERLANDS!
    • From the opening, there's "↑←↑" (referring to the shot of Kaine moving the gear shift in that pattern, in sync with the music).
      • Surprisingly, even the opening's animator (Masami Obari) has got in on the joke whenever the show gets brought up on his twitter.
  • That One Boss: In every Super Robot Wars game that Dragonar has been in, the Stark Squadron is a right pain to deal with. In MX, it is noted as the only difficult part in the game by some!