YMMV / Medieval Madness

  • Funny Moments: Lots, thanks to clever writing by Chicago Second City writers Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff.
    • "I am the Duke of Bourbon... it's happy hour!"
    • "They took our pinball machine!"
      • "They took our wives!" "YAAAAAAAAAY!"
      • "The castle burns!" "Get the weenies!"
    • "Now marry me so we can get a divorce."
    • "You will never defeat the Duke of Bourbon! ...well, maybe."
  • Sacred Cow: You do not insult this pin among fans of the medium. Ever. Ever.
  • That One Achievement: Castle Crusher is by far the hardest objective for Battle for the Kingdom. Similar to Attack from Mars' flying saucers, it requires destroying six castles. Unlike AFM, it doesn't stay lit after the conclusion of Battle for the Kingdom, meaning you have to destroy all 6 castles all over again.