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YMMV / Medicinal Lullaby

  • Cargo Ship: Naruto is really attached to his precious Stick.
  • God-Mode Sue: Averted; Naruto is quite easily the strongest character in the entire story so far, with his elemental mastery of wind, sage training and demon powers making him a supremely powerful warrior- but not only is he still far from invincible (as his demon blood brings certain vulnerabilities with it which lead to his betrayal, capture and imprisonment by Akatsuki), but much of his power also comes with a hefty price. He also is fully aware that despite being the srongest fighter in the world, that doesn't mean he can accomplish anything and everything and all he really wants is to raise his daughter in peace.
  • Narm: While the Quit Your Whining speech Naruto gives to Sasuke is certainly awesome, when the two men descend into screaming "FUCK YOU!" at each other it doesn't help the gravity of the situation.
  • Tear Jerker: Kensha's death and its effect on Naruto.
    • Naruto taking young Hitomi to visit her mother's grave in chapter 16, 'Daddies Don't Cry'.
    • Rather unexpectedly, Karin's death, using the last of her life to save Juugo -the man who truly loved her- with her healing power, and Juugo's reaction to it.