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* CrazyAwesome: '''Pinkie Pie.''' What else do you call a pony who tricks a squad of Royal Guard programs into behaving like a random encounter in a JRPG?
* FailOSuckyname: ''The Cost of Grazing'' is kind of a silly name for a smear campaign.
* FridgeBrilliance: Equestria's SugarBowl nature makes perfect sense when you consider that is a combination of both Celestia's over protectiveness of her charges, and a hold over of its original purpose as a combination luxury resort/propaganda showpiece for Epona Systems to allow various sentient species to experience an ideal Equine society.
** It also explains a lot of the FridgeLogic of the show, like the Royal Guards being so visually alike (they're defensive programs), any examples of ChaosArchitecture, the monsters and foes the Mane Six have faced turn out to be challenges by Discord or disguised errors in the system, any OOC moments (the systems messing with their heads), and the animation errors and multiple instances of background ponies in the same scene (errors in the simulation and changeling programs filling out the scene, respectively).
* MoralEventHorizon: [[spoiler:Milligan crosses it when he tries to convince Shepard to download the Equestrian servers, which would have killed all the ponies, despite ''knowing'' that they're sentient beings, condemning a species older that human sentience to extinction]].
* JerkassHasAPoint: Sparatus, the Turian Councilor votes against granting endangered species status to The Herd, possibly to avoid creating a precedent for this since the next species in line for this request might be [[BloodKnight "Krogan"]].
* WhatAnIdiot: It cannot be overstated how atrociously ''bad'' an idea it was for Celestia to [[spoiler:give Discord full access to the Equestria programs (though to be fair, not only was it temporary, she ''immediately'' realized her error).]]
** Applejack at the start of the second arc of ''Shades of Twilight''. [[spoiler:After being given reason to suspect that Dr. Hern is in danger, she doesn't share her concerns with anyone else. Instead, she ''abducts'' Dr. Hern from the hospital and tries to hide her away, only to get found out immediately by Forty-Two and Twilight.]]