YMMV: Masked Rider

  • Awesome Music: The opening theme is surprisingly good (it almost sounds like a tribal tune with the heavy use of drums and the "MASKED RIDER!" chants). Take a listen.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The idea of a Kamen Rider who goes to high school might had seen ridiculous at the time until Kamen Rider Fourze came along.
  • Ink Stain Adaptation: Not just to the Kamen Rider franchise, but to the name "Masked Rider" itself. Even though "Masked Rider" is used in official merchandising in Japan (even on the logos of the shows), most English-speaking fans refused to use in order to avoid confusion with the Saban version. When Steve Wang was commissioned to make Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, even he refused to use "Masked Rider" and was forced to convince Ishinomori Production to keep it as "Kamen Rider" instead.
  • Macekre
  • Memetic Mutation: The Masked Rider Warriors. Particularly Skyrider calling himself Amazon.
  • Narm:
    • At least for those familiar with Kamen Rider. The episode "The Invasion Of Leawood" features the Showa Riders as "The Masked Rider Warriors". In one scene they give a roll call of their names, only to mix them up with the other Riders. The only ones who didn't suffer from this were the ones who got new names (Warrior Commander, Warrior Leader, Strongman), and Kamen Rider ZX, who alone escapes with his name intact.
    • It gets even worse when Skyrider announces his name (I AM AMAZON!!!!!!). This video probably will cause some Memetic Mutation.
    • Also, they had Stronger, the dude with the giant "S" on his chest, announce himself as "Masked Rider X." Bwuh...?
    • This may have been due to the rider names being read off in chronological order, which didn't match up with the footage. The script seemed to assume that Kamen Rider 2 and Riderman would be there, but they weren't filmed doing their roll call (Rider 2 did appear at the start of the scene but never got to say a name), so V3 got the line that would have gone to Rider 2, X got the line that would have gone to V3, and all the others were moved up two slots.
  • The Scrappy: Ferbus.
  • They Just Didn't Care: This probably has to do more with a low budget than anything else, but when the show uses footage from other Kamen Rider works (ZO being the most blatant) and doesn't try to film new footage instead... and when the new footage is basically "three stooges with monsters" featuring Dex fighting off insectoids with cream pies in one example... yeah...