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  • Common Knowledge: Many believe that the Marvel vs. Capcom games are Fake Crossovers, but on the contrary, Marvel acknowledged the continuity of these crossovers (alongside X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes) enough to assign them to their own official Marvel universe called "Earth-30847."
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Wolverine's movesets have slight changes to them from game to game. For example, his divekick in X-Men vs. Street Fighter resembles his divekick from Marvel Super Heroes, but his divekick in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter oddly enough both resembles his straight down dive stomp from X-Men: Children of the Atom AND is mapped to a different command altogether.
  • Ear Worm: Captain America's theme.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Strider Hiryu. Capcom's poll for best character of the Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter games has him in third place, only surpassed by Mega Man and Poison. He's been in only a handful of games, a short and relatively unremarkable manga, and nothing else, getting something of 4% of the votes. This might not sound like much, but since there's 111 different voting options and most everyone with 3% or 4% have appeared much more frequently and are more mainstream. This probably has to do with his appearances in the previous Marvel vs. Capcom games, where he was one of the favorite characters of many a fan.
      • Fan demand was the factor in Capcom deciding to strike another deal with Moto Kikaku over his copyright status to get Hiryu into Ultimate MvC3 after he skipped out on the vanilla edition. It's telling that out of the 12 new characters introduced in the Ultimate update, he is the only one returning from a previous game.
    • To a lesser extent, Ruby Heart and Amingo from 2 were popular enough to merit a few cameos over the years. Not bad, all things considering.
    • Shuma-Gorath, oddly enough. A surprising amount of people were happy to see him return (even if it is as DLC).
    • There's been a lot of clamor to get Captain Commando and Jin Saotome into MvC3, even if it's DLC.
    • Psylocke, Gambit, and Venom are recurring mentions on polls for characters fan want to see in MvC3, almost always (if not always) ranking in the Top 5. For more details, see the respective YMMV pages for X-Men: CotA, XvsSF, and MvC1.
  • Porting Disaster: The early Marvel vs. Capcom games were usually ported to the PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn, the former not having enough memory for an arcade-perfect port. X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter in particular were stripped of their tag-team mechanics as a result (though they tried making up for it with Cross Over Mode, and the second character could still appear for assists). The Saturn ports manage to avert this via the 4MB RAM cartridge, which allowed ports that were at least closer to the arcade version, and the Dreamcast port of Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is the first one to avert this trope by being almost arcade perfect right out of the box.