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  • Complete Monster: See Marvel Animation.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: In all things X-Men recently, Steve Blum has been the voice of Wolverine. In the Marvel Anime X-Men serial, and Wolvie's cameos in the other serials, he's also voiced by Blum... but not in Marvel Anime: Wolverine, in which Milo Ventimiglia voices him, and Steve Blum voices his Enigmatic Minion rival. Ooookay...
    • Word of God claims that they were aiming for a younger voice to match Logan's younger looking Hugh Jackman-ish design rather than his traditional look but retained Blum as Logan on the X-Men story.
    • Adrian Pasdar as also criticized as Iron Man, with many finding the voice to be very unfitting.
    • Subverted by the Hungarian dub of Iron Man. Tony's voiced by the same actor as in the movies (as is generally every character that appeared in movie adaptations), but his performance is so different, lacking all the slick charm, that some thought they had replaced him with an untalented no-name.