YMMV / Martina McBride

  • Covered Up:
    • "My Baby Loves Me" was originally a Top 10 hit in Canada for Patricia Conroy.
    • "Safe in the Arms of Love" was originally recorded by Gail Davies in her short-lived group Wild Choir, and by Baillie & the Boys after that. Also a zig-zagging in that Michelle Wright released a version in Canada concurrently with McBride's version in the States: both versions charted in Canada, with Michelle's being the higher-peaking of the two, but only Martina's version charted in the US.
    • "Swingin' Doors" was originally released by Molly & the Heymakers.
  • Narm: Many of her songs post-Emotion with the theatrical belting and production, not to mention heavy-handed themes of domestic and child abuse ( "Independence Day" and "Concrete Angel"), generic you-go-girl motivation ("This One's for the Girls", "Anyway", "Ride"), domestic bliss ("Blessed", "How I Feel"), and illnesses ("God's Will", "I'm Gonna Love You Through It").
  • Narm Charm: Somehow, a line like "I met God's will on a Halloween night / He was dressed as a bag of leaves" shouldn't work, but it does. Probably because she doesn't go all belt-y and bombastic on it.
  • Seasonal Rot: Most fans agree that her quality took a nosedive around Emotion, due to her moving straight into a combination of Issue Drift and Melismatic Vocals that long overstayed its welcome.
  • Signature Song: "A Broken Wing", "Independence Day", "I Love You", "Concrete Angel", "This One's for the Girls".