YMMV / Martin Mystery

  • Adaptation Displacement: Outside of Italy it's better known than the original comic book.
  • Awesome Music: The opening theme really sets the mood for the show's supernatural elements.
  • Complete Monster: In a series filled with supernatural beings and monsters that have some semblance of redeeming traits, the ghostly Gatekeeper, from season 2's "They Came from the Gateway", is wholly bereft of them. Keeper of the gateway to the underworld and longing to take over the human world, the Gatekeeper violently turns the head of the Center, M.O.M., into his slave and proxy while sending out monsters to kill her young agent. Hungering to “feast on the bones” of anyone who opposes him, the Gatekeeper's ultimate goal is to swarm the entire world with monsters from the underworld and rein in the bloody slaughter of mankind, even managing to unleash his monsters on several populated cities throughout the planet to wreak wanton havoc before he's ultimately stopped.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: In an episode, Diana reads Martin's private diary and discovers the negative things he thinks about her, Java and Billy. She reveals this to the latter two and they punish Martin by the end of the episode! As if reading someone's private diary justified it...
  • Ho Yay: In one episode Martin and Java share a sleazy out of the way motel room together, sleeping in the same bed, both only wearing their underwear.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Occasionally.