YMMV: Martin

  • Designated Hero: Martin. He's loud, rude, confrontational and not the most loyal of friends. Granted, it's shown many times that he's a very insecure person (plus having a mother like Mama Payne surely didn't and doesn't help anything), yet it barely excuses his actions.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the 1992 Halloween episode, "The Night He Came Home", Martin jokes about it being a "dark and gloomy November...Bush got re-elected." This counts as being doubly hilarious; not only was it not to be in 1992, but it eventually ended up being accurate in 2004.
  • Idiot Plot: "Nuttin' Goin' On But The Rent" is possibly the best example in the whole series. The gang is in a snowstorm in which, since Martin didn't pay the rent due to its "increase by 5", they are getting evicted, there is no heat or water, neither Payne bought groceries since "it was the other one's turn", they send Cole out to a pizza place in the middle of said snowstorm, Martin turns away Hustle Man's food because of his pride, Cole and the pizza are frozen (and the pizza even shatters), and they even contemplate cannibalism... all because Martin refused to pay a five dollar rent increase.
  • Mondegreen: For the record, Tommy's last name is Strawn, not Strong, as so many fans initially believed.
  • Never Live It Down / Overshadowed by Controversy: Lawrence's drug use and his alleged sexual harassment of Tisha Campbell. The last season of Martin shows how much tension there was behind the scenes and the quality of the show sadly suffered for it. Even worse, despite the show being one of Fox's flagship shows at the time (and even referenced to on other Fox shows such as The Simpsons and Married...with Children), during their 25th Anniversary Special in 2012, the show was overlooked completely. Meanwhile, the channel did acknowledge fellow 90s sitcom Living Single, which surely made their fans happy, but it wasn't nearly as popular or well-known to viewers in general.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Jon Gries and Tracy Morgan were co-stars before hitting it big.