YMMV / Mario Tennis

  • Relationship Writing Fumble: Elroy and Tori are supposed to just be doubles partners, but behave and interact like a couple. At a few points you almost expect them to smooch. The GBA version also has this with whoever your doubles partner is, but a milder version. Another notable mention is Dweezil and Mynx.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The primary way to earn coins in Open is to play the Special Games... and that's it, unless the player wants to replay the tutorial for 200 coins each when it takes 155,000 to purchase everything in the shop.
    • The power shots are this for players of the game who actually play tennis in real life. Mainly because if you can pull off a good one it's an instant win for whoever launches it (player or NPC).
    • The charge shot in the N64 and GBC versions. If your timing is off, you'll accidentally activate it (you have to hit the button slightly BEFORE the ball gets to you), and then you're stuck moving at the speed of molasses, which can very easily give your opponent(s) the point. There's a way to cancel it (by pressing L, or Select on GBC) but by the time you realize it's happening, it's probably too late to react that fast, ESPECIALLY in the later cups. (Not to mention that the L button is hard enough to access with the way you need to hold the N64 controller anyway.)
    • Ultra Smash's main gimmick, the Mega Mushroom, can become this in the Knockout Challenge mode, which is essentially a "Survival Mode" where you take on progressively smarter opponents until you lose. The Mega 'Shrooms cause the players they affect to grow giant, and after a while (or upon being hit by the ball), your character will shrink to their normal size. Shrinking at the wrong time can seriously mess up your ability to return the ball; oftentimes, you'll shrink right when you're in the middle of a tricky shot (like a Jump Shot or Ultra Smash) and end up missing the ball entirely because the game doesn't compensate for you shrinking while swinging your racket.note  While the AI can also encounter this problem, it doesn't happen often, and during the Challenge Mode, you'll occasionally end up facing a permanently Mega 'Shroomed Bowser, who'll never have this issue because of that fact.
  • So Okay, It's Average: General consensus is that Ultra Smash is an okay tennis video game that functions well, but it's also been criticized for being very bare bones compared to past entries. Most feel that the game was rushed out just so Nintendo would have one extra Wii U game for the 2015 holiday season, in light of the delays of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Star Fox Zero.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • The Reaction Training Minigame in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. It is a Rock-Paper-Scissors game against a robot where you have to win x number of times before a timer hits zero. The second level alone is tough, but the third level requires godly reaction speed and massive amounts off guesswork and pure luck. Reaction is needed to get some of the more powerful and useful Power Shots. Most likely, you will be stuck doing Level 1 over and over again, tediously grinding until it hits level 10.
    • Galaxy Rally in Open. It's a constant volley where you have to return the ball to a Luma while avoiding the holes the ball leaves when it hits one of the four sections of the court. As the game progresses, there will be more holes, so you have to aim at the only parts of the court where there's still solid ground. Worst part? You need to clear the level 3 version of the minigame (volley 100 shots) to unlock Luma.
    • Unlocking the Sprixie Princess in Ultra Smash without using Coins is sort of this. You need to make sure you get a 100 or more ball rally in Mega Ball mode in one play. This can be quite hard to do especially if the computer does a fast chance shot that needs expert timing or if they miss hitting the ball which cause a Game Over and make you go back to the start of the mode. The fact the ball shrinks every 30 hits does not help matters either.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The Tournament mode in the 64 and Gamecube games is available in Singles and Doubles. Don't bring a friend over for this though; Doubles can only be played with a computer partner.
  • Unexpected Character: The Sprixie Princess in Ultra Smash.