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YMMV: Marina And The Diamonds
  • Awesome McCoolname: Marina means "of the sea", Lambrini means "bright" or "shining", and Diamandis (of corse) means "diamonds." Meaning her full name can be translated as: "Shining diamonds of the sea."
  • Critical Backlash/Critical Dissonance: Electra Heart was negatively reviewed by critics, but it was well received by fans, resulting in the album charting #1 in the UK and Ireland.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entirety of both The Family Jewels and Electra Heart.
  • Ear Worm: "Oh No!" can get inside your head and wind up unable to break out.
    • "Primadonna" and "Homewrecker" too.
    • Two words: "Bubblegum. Bitch".
    • "FROOT".
  • Fan Community Nickname: As explained on her Myspace: "I am Marina. You are The Diamonds."
  • Painful Rhyme: Rhyming 'lately' with... 'lately' at the beginning of "I Am Not A Robot". She could have used 'I see' in place of the second 'lately' and it would have made as much sense.
  • Memetic Mutation: At least in-fandom: "Oh my God, you look just like Shakira! No no, you're Catherine Zeta! Actually, my name's Marina."
    • "Electra Heart is a selfish bitch."
    • "I really don't know why it's such a big dildo".
    • Mediaphiles everywhere embraced "TV taught me how to feel/Now real life has no appeal".
  • Nightmare Fuel/Uncanny Valley: Su-Barbie-A.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Buy the Stars is a song about a over-controlling father who pushes his daughter from a young age into things she doesn't want to do, and it's very poignant.
    • Numb is a sad song about a sociopath navigating her world without family or friends.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • Girls is a song about how all women are dumb, shallow and weight-obsessed. Marina says shes not "like those girls" though because she "thinks like a guy", which apparently makes her intelligent, deep and rational about her weight.
    • The music video for "How to be a Heartbreaker" features a (white) man wearing a Native American headdress. This has drawn criticism.

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