YMMV / Manon des Sources

  • Manipulative Bastard: Cesar does not care what gets in his way when it comes to taking the farm to grow the carnations. He goes from outright killing a person in person to having Ugolin pretend to befriend Jean only to secretly sabotage his attempts at making an honest living which ends up getting Jean killed as he becomes desperate and he doesn't even bat an eye once it's all over until Ugolin kills himself and it is revealed Jean was his son.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: On the one hand, Ugolin bats as much an eye as Cesar does when he gets the farm, but at the same time he seems easily manipulated by Cesar and doesn't want anyone to get hurt, he just wanted to grow carnations. He even was good at appearing to be a good friend to Jean and when Jean dies he is wracked with guilt and cries, though this doesn't last long.
  • Woobie: Jean, as his attempts to get water fail.