YMMV: Maniac Cop

  • Even Better Sequel: The general opinion on the second film to many. Including director Lustig himself, who considers it the best film he's made.
  • Funny Moments: Turkell's chatter while he and Cordell are on their way to the hideout.
    Turkell: I got a real nice apartment. I mean, it's quiet, nobody ever comes down there. Private, y'know? Uh, you can come there. I mean, I ain't queer or nothing.
    Cordell: (briefly pauses)
    • Later:
    Turkell: You don't talk much, but that's okay. Was it that accident, the same one that screwed your face up?
    Cordell: (pauses again)
    Turkell: ... I didn't mean to offend you, now. I'm sorry, if I did.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: So, what we have here is a psychopath with Glasgow Smile impersonating a police officer and who is planning to kill the mayor. Sounds kinda familiar.
  • Money Making Shot: Cordell punching through his coffin and picking up his badge in one of the trailers for Badge of Silence..
  • Narm: Cordell's facial expressions in the first film. Even the creators hated how he looked in that one.