YMMV: Manhunt

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: At the end of the credits of the first game. There is a Video Clip of... Something, And it has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the game.
  • Complete Monster: Lionel Starkweather from the first game is a rich man who creates Snuff Films for his own pleasure and profit. Using his fortune to acquire convicted death-row inmate James Earl Cash, Starkweather sets him loose in an urban jungle while hunted by gang members and corrupt law enforcement. Starkweather constantly ups the stakes by putting others in danger and even has Cash's innocent family kidnapped to face almost certain death ( they all end up dying). Starkweather's prize fighter is an insane, naked man wearing a pig's head named Piggsy who has clearly lost his mind through what Starkweather has put him through. Starkweather's voice dogs the player throughout as the depraved millionaire positively revels in the horror and brutality he creates.