YMMV / Man of the Year

  • Audience-Alienating Premise: An Inversion. The film was marketed as a straight comedy and the premise itself seems to suggest it as such, but the movie itself is actually a much darker political drama that happens to have some comedy in it because the plot revolves around a comedian. The main heroine Eleanor is a lonely woman with mild mental health issues who by the end is near-fatally injured in an attempted murder orchestrated by her psychopathic bosses to cover up the computer glitch, events the Tom Hobbs character is unaware of and detached from; he instead spends most of the film worried and depressed that he is going to be elected President because he knows he isn't qualified yet feels pressured by everyone around him to make a go of it. The premise is already improbable to the point of ridiculousness, but the film spends less time on jokes and more on trying to make actual semi-serious points about the American political system and ultimately it isn't clear at all who this film is supposed to be aimed at.
  • Idiot Plot: The voting system glitch, upon which the entire plot hinges, is ridiculous in many ways. First, the program somehow fails basic math and defaults to alphabetical order. While faulty programming is certainly possible, this is a glitch that should have been caught before the program was ever released, as it is the primary function of the software. Second, the glitch should have been discovered immediately after the election. There should have been a record of every voter and the votes they made, and someone should have noticed that the system called it wrong. Third, that the entire system could be installed without the rigorous testing necessary to prove it functions correctly (which took Eleanor literally five seconds to prove that it didn't) is unbelievable. Fourth, when Eleanor does said testing, her numbers are always in the low tens of thousands, a number her boss complains is large (just for reference, a single congressional district represents ~700,000 people). The only way this entire plot could ever possibly go down is if the voting numbers were limited to 8-bit (255) and no one tested above that number.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Everything with Eleanor Green.