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YMMV: Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future

  • Creator Backlash: Dixon is not particularly fond of the final version of the book, possibly because he originally wanted the book to have a completely different plot (see What Could Have Been below).
  • Inferred Holocaust: While not visually shown, after all the massive time and energy used to create these species, the last remnants of altered/evolved humans were abandoned on a somewhat dying Earth to die a slow and somewhat painful death by suffocating and starvation with no way to save themselves simply because they were not built with the general intelligence to do so. It can be considered somewhat of a Tear Jerker as well.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Tundra Dweller page has found some internet fame after being turned into a demented "Seasons Greetings" card. The Hunter Symbionts have found similar internet mockery.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Mainly in the books' highly detailed illustrations of evolved and genetically altered human/animal species. One notable species is called the Tic; a human with an organic version of the cybernetic cradle the Hiteks get around in. They're completely dessicated humanoids whose organs are constantly failing, so they replaced them with artificially grown organs. It was simply more convenient to grow entire organic exoskeletons. They are not a separate species from the Hitek, their technology is simply more advanced. In addition, many of the creatures appear as if someone needs to call in Master Chief and have the whole planet nuked from orbit.
    • It also ends with the descendants of Humanity returning to Earth, which is populated by the various descendents of genetically modified humans. So what do they do? They annihilate the vast majority of Earth's ecosystem, with the remaining creatures engineered to fit their needs, including a gargantuan"meat creature" with no recognizable head or limbs. In the end, they destroy all surface life on Earth except for the descendents of the humans engineered to live in the ocean, which colonize the deepest parts of the ocean. It is implied that those deep-sea dwelling "humans" will eventually recolonize Earth's surface.
  • What Could Have Been: The book was originally going to have a completely different plot, involving time-travelling humans from our era colonizing the world of After Man and eventually turning it into a dystopian world, exploring the effects of overpopulation and pollution on the planet.
  • Uncanny Valley : So much it hurts.

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