YMMV / Maken X

  • Crowning Music of Awesome The Hakke theme and most of the very atmospheric soundtrack, really (both the X and Shao edition)
  • Fashion-Victim Villain because the cast is very diverse and colorful design-wise (designed by Kazuma Kaneko, no less),there are inevitably some arguable examples of this like Hakke Margaret, a pseudo-nazi dictator who wears a suit with a skeleton print or Hakke Daru,a Mad Scientist who wears what looks like a jockstrap over his shorts and a cage on his head.
  • Spiritual Licensee To the Megami Tensei franchise, what's with the Fukenshi/Hakke conflict being reminiscent of Law/Chaos, and some of Megami Tensei's big guys(such as Kazuma Kaneko and Shoji Meguro) having worked on this.
  • Uncanny Valley Hakke Ray's eyes....