YMMV / Makai Toshi SaGa

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: This video points out that the stilted writing makes the main characters seem more like grizzled mercenaries than proper heroes.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Several; one of the more famous ones is the saw weapon. It's supposed to inflict instant death on a target whose defense is lower than the user's strength, but instead kills enemies whose defense is higher than your strength. Meaning it works on the final boss. Meaning you can kill God with a chainsaw.
    • Also worth noting is that the insanely powerful Glass Sword was supposed to break after only one use. Due to an error in translation, it gets a full 50 uses in the NA version.
    • Character stats appear to be capped at 99, but can actually be increased up to 255. (If you increase them any more, they wrap around back to 0.) The hit point maximum can also be increased beyond its apparent cap of 999.
  • Memetic Mutation: God is a tiny Amish man on the Game Boy screen.note 
    • And you can cut him up with a chainsaw.
    • Ascended Meme: Square-Enix apparently was so amused by this glitch that there was even a reference to it in Final Fantasy XIII. The reason Orphan is susceptible to Vanille's "Death" attack is acknowledgement to this.