YMMV / Majin Devil

  • Nightmare Fuel: Getting eaten alive by demonic babies.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Dekoppa has several.
    • Completely curbstomping a few hundred demi-spiders plus their leader with propane gas, ignition parts from a lighter, and a suspender.
    • How do you stop a memory parasite from memetically taking over the world? Why, by replacing the parasite in your memory with the mathematical equation for apoptosis, of course!
  • Ugly Cute: The "incubus". It's some kind of... head-sized, boneless, jellyfish-octopus-shoggoth... thing, with eyes all over its body and lots of tentacles, and it can link minds together. It's a ghastly abomination, but it's difficult not to feel kind of sorry for it (or laugh at it) when the Professor boots it across the room, followed by Ashihara bonking it repeatedly with a stick, while it waterfalls comedic tears of pain and confusion.