YMMV / Magical Girl Hunters

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: As is often the case in a Round Robin story, there are several of these. Itami revealing that his laconic speech patterns were the result of a jaw injury was one that was not mentioned in all following parts. The magical flying tech-dwarves were, surprisingly enough, integrated into the story smoothly.
  • Squick: Aside from the general business of their job, both Yoi and Itami wind up involved with magical girls. Very sweet and touching until you remember that the magical girls in question have been described as around the age of 13-14.
    • Aika turned seventeen in the course of the story, and while H's age isn't mentioned she seems to be at least as old as Aika. Which still makes them Jail Bait; but not Squick... compared to everything else in the story.