• Alternative Character Interpretation: Liana Chavinski only appeared in Chapter 4, but there are a lot of ways to look at her. Perhaps she was everything she said she was, and Eman asked for too much from her. Perhaps she lied about everything she said about herself, which is possible, because Eman has only her word and no way to prove that she was telling the truth. Perhaps she was a Manipulative Bitch who tricked Eman into helping her and getting his hopes up too high. Perhaps she was a demon masquerading as a human, as all part of a convoluted scheme to make Eman feel negative emotions and feed off of them. This character is just that ambiguous.
  • Designated Hero: Eman is a whiny loser who writes about raping prostitutes with AK-47s. Fortunately, he gets some sorely needed Character Development.
  • Fridge Logic: If Angelic DVD is supposed to interview a human soul then how the hell did a demon appear on it?
  • Narm: The heavy-handed writing and Off-Model art produces this frequently.
  • Strawman: Any character who has a viewpoint other than the main character of the time. Even non-denomic bad characters are unnecessarily cruel and vulgar.
  • The Woobie: If Eman were a regular guy, he'd fit this trope.