YMMV / Machine Head

  • Broken Base: Reactions to The Burning Red and Supercharger are pretty split depending on who you ask in the fanbase. Some fans like them, others won't even acknowledge they exist.
    • Robb Flynn himself has become this in recent years for a lot of people. Especially after his response to Phil Anselmo after a racist incident at "Dimebash 2016" and his political views seething into their music.
  • Dork Age: Their shift to Nu Metal on The Burning Red and Supercharger was very poorly received and caused massive damage to the band's reputation.
  • Epic Riff: One of their main strengths, with "Davidian" being the standout example.
  • First Installment Wins: Burn My Eyes, the band's first album, is their best-known and best-liked work. For an example on that album, "Davidian," the first track, is usually considered the band's best song, to the extent that even people who hate the band express admiration for it.
  • Narm: Parts of the "Locust" video end up like this. Particularly Robb releasing Locusts from his...mouth?
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: As stated before, The Burning Red's Nu Metal influences.
  • Win Back the Crowd: The Blackening, big time. Through the Ashes of Empires was also considered that, but the former managed to outshine it both in terms of critical reception and sales.