YMMV / Machete

  • Anvilicious: Invoked. The whole film is so insanely over-the-top that Rodriguez would have been crazy to try shoehorning in a serious political message; it's liable to make you laugh out loud whichever side of the U.S. Border debate you're on. Crosses into Fridge Brilliance when you realize the movie is done in the same spirit as ridiculously cheesy Blaxploitation flicks, where corny, awkward social statements, stereotypes, and violence against hilariously over-the-top oppressors were par for the course.
  • Canon Sue: Machete waltzes through the movie unopposed because no one is as badass as him, charms every woman he comes across, is noble to a fault, and is a veritable display of manliness. His God-Mode Sue status is even invoked at the end when he defeats the villain. It works just fine with the tone of the film, even if it might make the fight scenes potentially boring.
  • Complete Monster: Mexican drug lord Rogelio Torrez, the only villain who doesn't get any redeeming qualities, commits his heinous crimes purely out of a combination of greed and cruelty. In the first five minutes, he has kidnapped a girl who has info on his drug ring, brainwashed her so she'll turn on Machete when he tries to rescue her, and then blows her brains out for her loyalty. He brings in Machete's wife and chops her head off, and casually notes he also killed his school-age daughter on the way there. Torrez doesn't want to give Machete what he considers an honorable death by cutting off his head, so instead he sets the building on fire and leaves Machete for dead. Later in the film he just chuckles at seeing Booth strangle one of his minions to death in front of a computer screen. He's soon revealed to be the mastermind behind the evil plan to expel all the Mexican immigrants from the US, as Torrez wants a monopoly on the drug trade by controlling the border. Even his death scene just manages to make him more disgusting rather than admirable; when Machete impales him he doesn't want to admit he lost and go out in a blaze of glory, so he just drives it in further so it can be said only he himself was able to kill him in the end. Even his female bodyguard walks off in disgust at that point. He used to be Machete's partner in the Federales, so he actually was a good guy at one point before he decided to become a drug lord.