YMMV / Maburaho

  • Like You Would Really Do It: Hah, yeah, like you'd really have Kazuki use up all his spells and die during the series! Wait... what? Oh... so you actually will, huh? Well... Didn't See That Coming. Even if he does spend most of the rest of the series hanging around as a ghost while they look for a way to revive him, it's still a shock.
  • The Scrappy: The members of Kazuki and Yuna's class (and the two class representatives in particular) may be collectively the most petty and selfish class in anime, putting Kazuki on trial and trying to mete out punishments simply because he is friendly with Yuna. They even go so far as to sabotage a collaboration with another class just to spite Kazuki.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • It's a world where everyone has magic, everyone is judged on the basis of how many times they can use magic and the main character has barely any magic. This society is barely ever explored in favor of harem comedy hijinks.
    • Additionally, the whole reason the girls are after Kazuki's genes (aside from Yuna who actually likes him) is because, while he only has eight spells, the power of each of them is potentially greater than those of any other mage in the world. How many of those spells are actually used on great, epic feats of magic? Well, assuming that another mage more powerful than Kuriko might have been able to save her from those Behemoths, one- the one that saved Yuna's life, which was theoretically impossible. The rest were mostly wasted (at one point he uses a spell to prevent a boxed lunch from spilling).
      • This is very YMMV. The other uses of his spells, besides the boxed lunch, were arguably very impressive. At the very least, his other uses of magic managed to cause a decent amount of awe and surprise for those present.
  • The Woobie: Kazuki gets no respect from his peers because of the low amount of spells he can cast, and additional hatred from his classmates because a few girls actually like him.