YMMV / MS Paint Masterpieces

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Almost all fanart of Metal Man depicts him as a badass, intimidating Robot Master. This is largely due to his appearance being one of the more dynamic MM2 designs (it probably doesn't hurt that he shares a game with the likes of Air Man, Bubble Man and Wood Man). In the game, however, he's easily the most pathetic boss. The comic reflects this by having him be absurdly weak, even by present-era 20XX standards.
    • Ironically, this "alternate" depiction is more in-line with the official information regarding Metal Man.
  • Crazy Awesome: So. Many. Characters. There's Elec Man, who will actually ignore his opponent to brag, Dr. Light, who considers building a Humongous Mecha a valid way to spend one's youth (Which it is. It totally is), and Dr. Wily, who built the Wily Machine No.2 in ten minutes. The greatest example, however, would have to be Blade ManMetal Man whilst under the influence of a harmony unit, who would constantly talk about Justice and nonsequiturs.
    Metal Man: Believe! You have to believe, mango! Here is a poem! "I really like justice,/I really like peace,/A female nephew is/Called a niece.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Mega Man's Heroic Resolve in comic 978:
    Mega Man: Aggk... I don't think I can win anymore...
    * Flashback to Mega Man's awakening, and his speech to him at the beginning of No Future.*
    Dr. Light: I want you to promise me something... Please keep in mind what the good thing to do is... and always shoot for that goal, with all your heart and spirit!
    Mega Man: .....I'll win anyway! CHARGE!!
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When Electric Man volunteers to take down the Yellow Devil.
    Mega Man: "Thanks, Elecky. I trust you. Don't die, okay?"
    Electric Man: "I told you not to call me that. And stop hugging me, I can't look cool if you're hugging me, Rock."
    • When Reset Man goes to the moon, Needle Man quickly turns on him. Reset Man, the most cowardly robot in existence, takes the time to save Alter Man and bring him to safety despite not knowing whether not he's involved with the villians. Keep in mind that Reset Man only met the guy 5-10 minutes ago in story and didn't know anything about him prior to this so he had no loyalty or obligation to save him.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The explanation for why a robot covered completely in Metool-type armour is not a viable idea.
    • Heat Man being powered by an unstable nuclear bomb makes perfect sense when you remember that his weapon is called the "Atomic Fire"
  • Growing the Beard: It started off as a stereotypical sprite comic, and it wasn't until Wily's first attack that it started taking itself seriously. Then the Art Evolution happened...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Dr. Wily trick Dr. Light into designing his floating 'Wilymachine' mech by saying the design is to be used for "mining". Later, in the prelude to the Mega Man 2 story arc, Wily states that one of his new (unseen) robots is for "mining", and that the world will be "Mined. All mined". The plot of Mega Man 3 is about Wily and Light working together on some mining robots, who then go berserk...
    • Metal Man's upgraded form is named Blade Man. Then Mega Man 10 came along and introduced an actual Blade Man.
      • Even funnier if a viewer knows some rather obscure Mega Man history. The poorly done and poorly received Mega Man 3 for PC, unrelated to the NES title of the same name, repainted and edited several of the the NES sprite portraits to represent their Robot Masters. The PC version of Blade Man not only predates Mega Man 10's Blade Man by 18 years, but his artwork used, you guessed it, Metal Man's portraits and sprites as a basis. Ferret knows his in jokes.
  • Lawful Evil: Quintet. John Fodder was initially more of a "Lawful Asshole"(with a Healthy Helping of Dirty Coward). The more we see of him, the worse he gets.
  • Lawful Good: Megaman
  • Moral Event Horizon: During the fight with Quick Man, John Fodder vetoes Lt. Gunnady's request to retrieve wounded in favor of collecting corpses for CY processing.
  • Neutral Good: Thomas Light.
  • Never Live It Down: Rock teases Roll about the incident with Ice Man a few times, to Roll's increasing annoyance.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Mega Man's smile here is... unsettling, to say the least.
  • Tear Jerker: Cut Man's struggle with Wily's programming, his journal entries, and his initial Face–Heel Turn is absolutely heartbreaking to read.
    • In "Too Serious," try reading Enker's labored speech here as he lays alone, immobile and forgotten, begging Dr. Wily to tell him who his enemy is.
  • The Woobie: It's not very hard to pity Polka Reset Man.