YMMV / MSLN Test Dummies

  • Fan Wank: The author believes... rather strongly... in Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better and Muggles Do It Better. To be fair, canon never explicitly depicts a mage vs muggle conflict, so we never get a clear canonical idea of how they stack up. Furthermore, the use of magic means that it's not appropriate to simply apply normal energy calculations to the visuals, which would otherwise give the implication that all but the weakest Nanohaverse mages have casual nuclear+ firepower. The latter is absurd because canon explicitly only issues evacuation warnings for the monster of an outlier that is Hayate, whereas it would have to do so for every tiny punch-up if this were true.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Possibly the only thing almost everyone can approve of in this fic is the combat, which is always epic and lovingly detailed with all kinds of things going on as each character out does what the last one did.
  • Narm: The author's insistent references can easily become this, due to his habit of shoe-horning them into dramatic scenes.