YMMV / Mars

  • Ass Pull: Some of the reveals get close to no foreshadowing, some even seem to contradicting what the characters said earlier in the story.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient : For a high school romance, this series has an absurdly high HSQ. The Grand Finale is a tear-jerking white-knuckled parade of Holy Shit. Not to mention the level of violence for the whole series is Up to Eleven compared to normal Japanese society.
  • Karma Houdini: Neither of the two most notable men who sexually assault Kira in the series, Mr. Yoshioka or her stepfather face any lasting consequences for their actions. Mr Yoshioka quits as a teacher after Rei threatens him, but escapes without any further punishment or even a spot on his reputation, despite attempting to murder Rei. Kira's stepfather gets mildly beaten up and the fear of death put in him when he's dangled off the edge of an apart block roof, but aside from that nothing happens to him; Rei's father even offers him a substantial bribe to make him back off pressing charges and ultimately the closest thing he ever faces to a "punishment" is the fact that he'll never get the chance to rape Kira again.
    • Masao Kirishima basically gets off scott-free as well, despite being a complete sociopath who murdered at least one person in the past and nearly killed Rei as well.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mr Yoshioka was already a sleazeball, but after Rei humiliates him in front of the class by calling him out as a sexual harasser, he attempts to murder Rei in cold blood by sabotaging his bike's brakes, almost causing Rei to get splattered by a truck. And, aside from Rei threatening to return the favour, he gets off scott-free.
  • Tear Jerker : So many moments. Some are sneakier than others, like when Rei's dad starts crying in the Dénouement.
  • Values Dissonance : When Kira starts work at a fast food joint and gets sexually harassed by customers, her manager not only doesn't call the cops, he apologizes to the harassers when she slaps one of them. Of course, when Rei comes in and beats the hell out of the harassers, he doesn't get called on it either.
  • The Woobie : Takayuki and Kira are tied for first prize, Rei comes in close second.