YMMV: Mars

  • Ass Pull: Some of the reveals get close to none forshadowing, some even seem to contradicting what the characters said earlier in the story.
  • Holy Shit Quotient : For a high school romance, this series has an absurdly high HSQ. The Grand Finale is a tear-jerking white-knuckled parade of Holy Shit. Not to mention the level of violence for the whole series is Up to Eleven compared to normal Japanese society.
  • Tear Jerker : So many moments. Some are sneakier than others, like when Rei's dad starts crying in the Dénouement.
  • Values Dissonance : When Kira starts work at a fast food joint and gets sexually harassed by customers, her manager not only doesn't call the cops, he apologizes to the harassers when she slaps one of them. Of course, when Rei comes in and beats the hell out of the harassers, he doesn't get called on it either.
  • The Woobie : Takayuki and Kira are tied for first prize, Rei comes in close second.