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YMMV: Lunar: The Silver Star
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Xenobia in the original game. While not that hard in Silver Star Complete, she's still a joke for a how much a threat the plot makes her out to be, especially with her beating Laike off-screen.
  • Broken Base: Small one going on between the Woolseyized versions of the songs from Silver Star Story Complete and the more faithful retranslated versions from Silver Star Harmony. Just about every video of the songs posted on youtube tends to degenerate into a debate between purists and fans of woolseyism at some point.
  • Cult Classic: While the game never garnered the mainstream success of the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series, it still sold a respectable number of copies in the United Statesnote  and is, to this day, a favorite among JRPG enthusiasts.
  • Darth Vader Clone: Magic Emperor Ghaleon looks an awful lot like Golbez, just more purple and with looser-fitting clothes. Also, their names begin with a G.
    • In the remakes, he ACTS Golbez-like. Sending one of his minions to impersonate a famous, beloved leader who turns into a complete jerk? Check. Kidnapping the love interest right after revealing himself? Check! And when his pet Black Dragon weakens the party so they can be easily finished off? Triple check! All he needs is a giant freaking tower that extends to the heavens! Oh wait...
  • Evil Is Cool: Ghaleon.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Oh, yes. Xenobia is all about this. Luna gets this treatment, too, and in the remakes Royce and Phacia join in. Also, Ghaleon.
  • Game Breaker: Alex in the original Lunar: The Silver Star. By the end of the game, he will have the highest HP, MP, physical damage, magic damage, defense, and is a decent healer.
    • White Dragon Protect in the remakes is pretty costly to cast, but defends each party member from one attack. In Harmony, Mia's Limit Break is even worse as it protects each member from multiple attacks, not just one.
      • The final boss viciously punishes you if you get complacent with Mist Barrier, though. Use it, and he uses an attack called Blast Loci on the last turn it's active. What does it do? It makes the next spell he cast change into one that does 1,200 HP of damage. For comparison, Kyle's HP at the level cap (the highest in the game) is 276. There is no way not to die from this.
    • Lunar Legend doesn't bother to remember what your HP and MP are when you quit the game. So you can just save and reset for free full healing anywhere.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Ghaleon
  • Memetic Mutation: The internet-famous Shii's Song is a pitch-shifted version of Wind's Nocturne. Likewise, Longcat's Song is a Speedy Techno Remix and pitch-shifted version of Wind's Nocturne.
  • Nintendo Hard: The PS1 version, in comparison to the PSP. The PS1 hasn't the same item storage style, meaning less space. They also haven't limit breaks, meaning bosses are much harder (since you can't rely on Luna's Limit for most of the game to restore mp, or any of the attack Limits in battle). Also, experience seems to be slightly slower. For a good comparison, in the first forest in Harmony, it is possible to win at least the first battle, and possibly the second (without asking for help). It's not as much to do so without the help of limit breaks, though.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: It can be rather hard to appreciate Lunar as a whole given how it was actually quite different back in the day. As it was described by HC Bailly in his Let's Play of the Playstation version:
    "This was high tech stuff back in the day!"
  • Strawman Has a Point: Ghaleon's belief in the Complete and Harmony versions, that humanity needs a god for protection, and cannot look after itself, turns out to have been extremely well-founded considering the events of Lunar: Eternal Blue.
    • Except that the Power of Humanity totally wins the day in Eternal Blue, while if divine power had been used, it would have destroyed the world.
      • Which is likely the reason for his Heel-Face Turn in the intervening time-span. He realizes Althena may have been right about humanity after all.
  • That One Boss: Royce, in Silver Star Story/Harmony, aside from Ghaleon, is likely to be the hardest part of the final dungeon. She curses your party when you enter the dungeon, making you start every battle with two random characters asleep. Sleeping characters take double damage from attacks, and thus tend to almost instantly die in every battle. The curse doesn't end until you defeat her, and she's all the way at the end of a rather long dungeon. It's entirely possible that your main damage dealing character (Alex), and healer (Jessica) will be asleep at the beginning of the fight with her, get instantly killed, and then she'll immobilize your other characters for several turns while she kills them.
    • One trick that simplifies this: By this point, you should have a Fresh Ring (cancels Sleep) and the Tri-Ring (cancels all status effects). Give them to Alex and Jessica, and you're basically insured from getting screwed over.
    • The Black Dragon can be quite challenging. Especially since the battle occurs fairly late in the game, and all previous boss battles have been quite easy. There are no healers for this fight, and thus no way to heal everyone at once. It can be a struggle to keep everyone at full health one healing item at a time, all while trying to find a free turn to whittle down its generous hp. The black dragon always attacks twice in a row. Usually its first turn is a non-damaging Blowback, and the second turn is a powerful spell that hits all characters, but not always. It will also just attack two times in a row, leaving everyone critical and one or two characters dead, most likely. And it will frequently get its turn before the characters, which means if its turn came up last the previous round, and first this round, you could be facing four powerful all-character-hitting spells in a row, and certain death. You better hope that's not the case, as there was a fairly lengthy scene before the battle...
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Half of the fanbase attitude towards Lunar Legend. The one for the PSP even more so thanks to there being a bunch of changed and/or new additions. People have gone so far as to judge the game by its demo alone. Others denounced the game the very moment they learned Working Designs (or rather its members) weren't involved in the localisation. Especially nonsensical in Silver Star Harmony's case, considering X Seed used Working Design's script with a few alterations.
    • Was also the case to some degree with the PSX version since it changed several important plot points from the original Sega CD.
      • Definitely a YMMV, having played the PSP version first.
  • The Untwist / Everybody Knew Already: The game doesn't even try to make Luna's real origins a secret. Doubly so in the PSP version, where Althena and Luna sing exactly the same song.
    • Not to mention the PSP has the entire opening scene in the start, while the PS1 version skips to Alex.

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