YMMV / Luminous Arc 3

  • Good Bad Bug: Fewer actions in the current turn will allow the next turn to come faster. So if your character is equipped HP/MP regenerating lapis gems and only makes minimal movement (i.e. moving only one square) for each turn, then that character can regain lots of HP/MP in short amount of time. This can also be abused to take care of annoying status effects such as silence in short amount of time. Strangely, the wait time for the next turn is much bigger if you decide to do nothing as opposed to moving only one square.
    • Not actually, since enermies tend to have AO than you anyway. Eg. Shiviaru(10), Sumirusafu(14), Reinhard(10),Valerie(10),Core of God(12),Potpouri and her Nature kopins(10),Sadie and her Wind Kopins(10),Althea's Fire kopins(14)!!, and finally Fatima(10).
  • Ho Yay: Woohoo! And official too!