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YMMV: Love's Labour's Lost
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: If anyone has a favorite character from this show, expect it to be Armado or Costard.
  • Funny Moments: In the film, some parts with Costard were funny, such as him asking about the meaning of "remuneration" to the King with a hand puppet in a high pitched voice and when he pulled out a rubber chicken instead of a letter.
    • Costard repetitively asking "Me?" when Don Armado is talking about him.
    • The bear statue in the library where the men stay, because it is out of place.
    • When one of the men watches a sheep fall.
    • The scene in the I Get a Kick Out of You musical number where Armado's assistant falls out of the plane and screams.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Although the movie is rated PG (and U in the United Kingdom), it contains a song mentioning cocaine and alcohol, a sexy dance number and an ending montage with terrifying images of World War 2 set to sad music. However, there is a happy ending where the lovers are reunited and most of the characters survive.

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