YMMV: Love Lab

  • Cargo Ship: Maki/Dakki.
  • Die for Our Ship: Any male or anyone who gets in the way of Riko/Maki.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Riko and Maki.
  • Les Yay: Riko and Maki, and the girls are all over them.
  • Values Dissonance: The blackface scene. There's no way they would have gotten away with that on an American show.
    • It's doubtful that they were referring to Ganguro style. Ganguro was a counterculture style born against typical beauty standards that you'd expect of a Yamato Nadeshiko - of black hair, with their bright, usually bleached, hair, and pale skin, with their artificially tanned, stereotypically orange-ish skin - though it literally translates to "black-face," Ganguro isn't based off of mocking black people, and wouldn't be racist. Thing is, the fashion trend died off in Japan within the decade it was born. What doesn't help is that some translations have the girls referring to the women they're basing it all off of as "sisters," and show the women as curvy women with afros. By and large, even tossing away the fact that it was a style from a decade ago, these weren't part of the mainstream Ganguro style. And even with the types of Ganguro that did use afros and browned skin, those are still blackface. Regardless of the author's intention, the effect is that it's seen as blackface. If it was intentionally written in, it's messed up, but at least Riko smacked her for it.
      • Except their was a black woman scrolling behind the screen during the scene. And Maki was singing a soul song. It was clearly in imitation of a black woman.