YMMV / Lost In Oz

The Live Action Pilot:

  • Foe Yay: It's possible to see some between Alex and the Witch.
    • And Selina and the Witch, given their past history.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight The 2007 miniseries Tin Man used some of the same ideas, particularly the villain being possessed by the Wicked Witch.
    • The miniseries/film The Witches Of Oz has Mia Sara as Princess Langwidere, who is a wicked witch in the adaptation.
  • Moment of Awesome: Alex defeating the Witch.
  • Narm: Some of Alex's lines, mainly due to Dull Surprise.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The statues at Horn's Gate and the Wicked Witch.
    • Alex's eyes when her magic is awakened.
  • Special Effects Failure: Since it wasn't quite finished, some special effects aren't complete.
  • Tear Jerker: Selina's description of her friend being possessed by the Witch, and having to fight her.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The magic effects, and Caleb turning to stone.