YMMV / Lost Eden

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Moorkus Rex himself. If you try to confront him without the complete tablet, he growls a series of increasingly alarming threats, then eventually eats you. If you collect the final piece of the tablet from his lair first, all you have to do is click him with it: His facade is then shattered, and he's revealed to be a mouse, who quickly scurries away.
  • Complete Monster: Moorkus Rex is an evil dinosaur tyrant who leads an army of Tyranns to conquer all other kingdoms. He doesn't want to take over the world so much as simply dismember it (reducing the world to "blood and ashes at my feet", as he put it), and his mooks cut swaths of destruction wherever they go. His real power is illusion and fakery—he lies every time he opens his mouth, trying to sow confusion and despair, while the real threat — the Tyrann — destroys everything in their path. It unfortunately works all too well on Dina, whom he tricked into believing he had gruesomely murdered her mate.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
  • Nightmare Fuel: Plenty of it in this game.
    • The Castra tribe and their almost emotionless whisper start out as this. Their first act is to hold Eve hostage, and it goes downhill from there. They eventually apologize and ally themselves with you, but Dina chooses to stay permanently and mourn Mungo, denying you your spirit guide until near the end of the game.
    • The Embalmer tribe. Their masks rival the Castra for sheer creepiness, and their ritual which you have to do with your father's body involves cutting out the heart — for starters. It's so bad that Jabber the executioner is mentally scarred from being tricked into performing it.
    • Moorkus Rex is a prime example, especially when you meet him at the end. He's one bloody nasty customer. What he does to Mungo, Dina's mate, is enough to make anyone shudder. He shows you his dismembered horn, says Mungo begged to be his slave, then says that he tortured Mungo to death. Fortunately, the horn is shown later to be a fake, and Mungo is found alive and uninjured..
    • The Tyrann mooks were no prettier. They looked like mutated Utahraptors, and if you were unfortunate enough to encounter them in the field, it didn't end wellnote .