YMMV / Los Cronocrimenes

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: On a second viewing, you may notice that the terrifying scene where Hector is running for his life only consists of him running from nothing because he's told to (as Hector 2 only reaches Hector 1 just before the Cat Scare with the window).
  • Nightmare Fuel: The fist encounter with the bandage man and the discovery of the lab are extremely creepy, as is the movie's theme music.
    • Possibly subverted when you discover everything was planned out beforehand, and you see it mostly works out due to stupidity, chance and luck.
  • Now What?: It is indeed very interesting what Hector is going to say to the police arriving during the very last scene regarding the presence of the dead body. Not that he seemed to care much by then, anyway.
  • You Bastard: Hector comes across as this as he tries to bring the time loops to a close. He ruins the day of the poor girl who stopped to help just because it's what he'd already done. Ultimately, culminating in him killing her.