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YMMV: Lock's Quest
  • Demonic Spider: Brutes. Able to smash up walls and having the second highest health of any non-boss in the game, they aslo happen to be a favorite target for The Medic. Magicians combin the range of an Archer with the raw power of a Brute, but they have lower health than Knights and Soldiers.
  • Fridge Brilliance: why IS Lock such a Lightning Bruiser? He's a clockwork, one with a soul, so he can wound and die like a human, but can take as much abuse as the clockwork army.
  • God Damn Bats: Flyers, the are the weakest clockwork variant in terms of health and damage, but the are able to avoid most turret fire and can destroy traps. Burrowers are able to dig under walls, causing you to have to drop whatever you are doing to go to whereever you are defending. Sheilders can't attack at all, but turrets will drop whatever they are doing to focus on them, while the other clockworks are ripping up said turrets...
  • Nightmare Fuel: Phantom Clockworks, and The Fallen Crypt.
    • One of the allied knights at Brookwood Camp talks about how a grave needs to keep being refilled, and the injured soldiers on the steretchers nearby describe seeing a shadow clockwork... rising from the grave that needs to be refilled....
  • Tear Jerker: Lock and Emi will not get a break until the credits are over.
  • The Woobie: Lock, he does the near impossible to fight his grandfather, nearly gets killed by his allies, twice. nearly has the only person he cares about killed. finds out his life is a lie, need we say more?

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