YMMV / Lives of the Mayfair Witches

  • The Woobie:
    • Michael cannot seem to hang onto his wife, what with all her cheating on him and running off and flirting with mighty supernatural beings like Lasher and later, Lestat.
    • Emaleth, from the first chapter in which she gets front-row seats to Lasher abusing Rowan (and she hasn't even been born yet), to her death at Rowan's hands.
    • Deirdre Mayfair is perhaps the most unfortunate of the Designees to the Mayfair Family. She saw her mother's suicide, was repeatedly bullied and kicked out of schools, treated poorly by half the aunts who raised her, was raped by her grandfather Cortland with Carlotta blaming her for his death, she was forced to give up her baby and never knew her, and she was given shock treatments and medications until she was left a catatonic mute.