YMMV: Live

  • Narm:
    • Live tends toward Narm even at their best, but "The Dolphin's Cry" takes the award. Aside from the title, the song features lines such as these:
    "We are lost till we are found
    This phoenix rises up from the ground."
    • The video for "I Alone", which features the group dancing around and miming playing their instruments against weird backgrounds. It doesn't help that Chad Gracey didn't even have an instrument to mime playing (Beavis And Butthead figured he was being punished for forgetting to bring his drum set to the video shoot). Whatever effect they were going for, it comes across as goofy.
    • "Freaks" has the line "You know your sperm is weak", as well as that odd moment before the last chorus where Ed Kowalczyk starts growling "Labor-labor-labor-labor-la...".
      • The second verse of the song begins with this: "If the mother goes to bed with you, will you run and tell the papers how she picked you from a line up in downtown Philadelphia with a cigarette hangin' out of your mouth and Henry Miller in your back pocket?" The second half of that lyric is sung in Motor Mouth fashion, and it's like that in the verses. And immediately after that, Ed goes "You little fucker!"
    • From "Lightning Crashes": "Her placenta falls to the floor."
    • From "Lakini's Juice": "I rushed [to] the ladies room, took the water from the toilet, washed her feet and blessed her name." Symbolic or not, that's just funny. Also, was there no sink in that ladies room, dude? Gross!