From the Band:

  • Signature Song: "My Own Worst Enemy."
    • Also, "Miserable" and "Over My Head" (which played in Titan A.E.).
  • Best Known For The Fan Service: While many people consider the song itself forgettable almost everyone remembers the video for "Miserable" as the one where Lit plays on the butt of a giantess version of Pamela Anderson (shortly before she devours them).
  • Nightmare Fuel: The ending of "Miserable's" music video. While most of it is harmless, with the band performing the song all over a giant Pamela Anderson's body, at the end it takes a sudden dark turn with her deciding to eat them. It really comes out of nowhere, with the first guy simply picking a bad place to stand (on her lips). When it happens the other guys are clearly frightened and run for their lives. The drummer even pleas for his life right before she tosses him into her mouth and eats him like a grape before chowing down on his two remaining band mates. They are just so helpless to stop her that it's kind of terrifying.