YMMV / Life of Riley

  • Broken Base: Is it worth bringing back? Was it better in the beginning or towards the end?
  • The Chris Carter Effect:
    • Partially due to the comic being orphaned, a lot of plot points were never resolved or explained. Indeed, the last twenty or so comics give a lot of answes that actually just result in a lot more questions. Chief among them:
    • Why is Gore so strong, and who is this mysterious individual he and Tess speak of? Is that the vampire that created him? And why does he look so different than all of the other vampires? Actually, Gore himself claims it's Lillith; in answer to Tess's question, his speech bubble contains the Hebrew letters TYLYL, and Hebrew is read right to left, giving us Lylyt, the archaic form of Lillith.
    • What is the nature of Evil Dan's powers? It's said to be somehow different from Good Dan's, and near the end it's sort of implied that he's actually channeling source energy from Seth, but nothing is clearly established. For that matter, whatever happened to Evil Dan and Electric Pixie?
    • How did Dan come back to life? Lillith suggests that he may be the new Christ, but we don't get a definitive answer before the comic was abruptly dropped.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Back when the comic was still active, fans seemed very fond of Jone, and many seemed to paint her as a sympathetic figure...despite her repeatedly forcing herself upon Gore, trying to steal people's souls, and generally being a selfish and controlling psychopath. All because she's "cute."
  • Les Yay: Naisa seems just a little bit TOO interested and concerned with Dahn. For that matter, Dahn herself was pretty obviously being seduced by Jezebel back before it was revealed she was a Starseed.
  • The Scrappy: Naisa was this to some fans, particularly early on. She did seem to get more sympathetic over time, however.