YMMV / Lex Luthor

  • Awesome Ego: Luthor is at his most entertaining when he's bragging about how great he is.
  • Cant Unhear It: Chances are that Clancy Brown's voice is the one you'll hear in your head when reading his lines.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Thank you, Michael Rosenbaum.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: ... A purple and green jumpsuit. Purple. And. Green. What was he thinking in the 1970's? Well, it was the Seventies.
  • Foe Yay: His relationship with Superman is complicated. There was that time in the beginning of Superman: Doomsday he mentioned how much he admired him. Wonder Woman once made him admit that he wanted to be him. They also once had a son.
    • To say nothing of his sexual relationship with one of the Supergirls in the 90's.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the original Superman films, Luthor was played by Gene Hackman, who would later play the crooked U.S. President in Absolute Power and guess what Lex Luthor would later be running for.
    • A famous owner of a Mega Corp. shocks the world by announcing his candidacy for President, using his status as an outsider of politics and a platform heavy in curbing aliens' status in the country to gain more points with voters than initially suspected. Lex Luthor or Donald Trump?
  • Magnificent Bastard: The premier MB at DC, always coming out on top of the competition.
  • Memetic Mutation: Once, when no one was looking, he stole forty cakes. note 
  • Moral Event Horizon: While Luthor is Affably Evil and most of his actions do not go beyond his obsession with Superman (standard villainy), he is a big candidate of this. Some of his most depraved acts are listed:
    • His collusion with Brainiac and negotiating the planet Earth for him is the most infamous Moral Event Horizon.
    • The murder to his own father as well.
    • Under John Byrne, Luthor engages in quite a lot of For the Evulz manipulations of women, most infamously his "game" of finding married working-class women, offering them millions in exchange for one month in Metropolis as his consort, and then deliberately leaving before they can decide so that they'll be tormented for the rest of their lives. And as the head of Lexcorp, he's shown intimidating attractive women in his employ to sleep with him.
    • During The Death of Superman storyline, he murders one of his martial arts trainers for knocking him down during a sparring session, reveling in the idea that Superman's absence means he can get away with anything he wants. Oh, and just for added kicks, he makes sure an ex-con janitor at Lexcorp will be framed for it.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Can happen due to the nature of the conflict between an unpowered human and a demigod.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Not everyone is happy about Luthor's transformation from a high-tech inventor criminal mastermind to a Corrupt Corporate Executive. Neil Gaiman (who wrote this version of Luthor in his Black Orchid miniseries) laments that Luthor has become a "skinny Kingpin"note . Fans of the DCAU version noted that Luthor became more dangerous, intimidating and cool, when he shifted from The '80s Luthor businessman getup to his Silver Age Mad Scientist shtick.