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YMMV: Les Légendaires
  • Base Breaker : When Tenebris joined the protagonists, fandom got really, REALLY divided. Some enjoyed her presence as a new protagonist, others loved to hate her. Seems the situation has changed, though.
  • Complete Monster: several of the villains can be considered as such:
  • Die for Our Ship: Shun-Day got this reaction from some fans. Becomes Harsher in Hindsight when she actually does die in Book 16 so Shimy and Gryf can be back together.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Some fans felt that way about Shimy comically rejoicing over Shun-Day's death in Book 16.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Shun-Day is seemingly quite popular amongst the fans, though she has lastly grown some haters due to her becoming Gryf's fiancé and as such becoming an obstacle to his relationship with Shimy.
    • Elysio is probably as popular as any Legendarie.
    • Curiously, Dark-Gryf seems to have gained some popularity as well.
  • Evil Is Cool and Creepy Awesome: Anathos is surprisingly popular amongst the fans despite, or rather precisely because he is the evilest character in the whole serie. Darkhell gets it as well to an extent.
    • While opinions concerning Skroa's status as a villain are mixed, everyone agrees that his design is pretty cool.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Tenebris in her adult form. The opinions may vary concerning her child form;
    • Conversely, Darkhell isn't exactly beautiful as an adult, but his child form is handsome in its own right. And his Fusion Dance in the Anathos Cycle makes a hint that he might have once been a quite good-looking Bishōnen.
    • Invidia and Kasino in Origins.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Danael/Shimy seems suprisingly popular amongst fans. So does Shimy/Anathos, no matter how few sense it'd make.
  • Fridge Logic: both Shun-Day and Shimy get embarrassed respectively when Gryf accidentally puts his hands under her top and when Jadina steals the top of her swimsuit. If you consider the fact they are both trapped in 12 years old bodies, and as such possess no breast, it seems kinda weird to see them having such a reaction...
    • This finds a solution as Fridge Brilliance. Even if the characters are all 12 years old now, all the major protagoniss were adults before the curse struck Elysia. To the girls, no matter their physical age, they're still adults in mind. They might not have cared about this when they were children, but they were adults for quite some time before the curse happened. And with their adult minds, even if they are stuck as children, they still know that these body parts should not be touched by others, or should be hidden.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Danael's infuriated reaction against Halan when discovering he led his men to a Fate Worse Than Death against the Darkhellions makes a lot more sense when you learn his own childhood friend Saryn ended up with such as fate, most likely traumathizing him.
  • Foe Yay: hinted with Elysio mentionning he finds Jadina attractive, causing her to blush. It didn't went farer however.
    • subverted in Book 14 when Jadina kisses Abyss; not only Abyss has an extremely disgusted reaction, but it turns out she did so in order to transmit him a powerful anti-magic serum through saliva, weakening him.
  • Lawful Neutral: the Guardian has absolutely no concern for the concept of Good and Evil, he just goes with the rules of his "game". He makes an exception in the Anathos Cycle, where he attempts to prevent Anathos' return.
  • Les Yay: the author never actually does this, but he loves playing it for laught:
    • At the beginning of Book 13, Shimy actually kissed Tenebris... only because she's drunk and trying to get her ex-boyfriend jealous. Later, having come back to her sense, Shimy is shown to feel disgusted and humiliated by what she did, while Tenebris teases her about it and asked her to warn her the next time she attempts that sort of thing...
    • Sobral himself pretended there was one between Shimy and Akitten, even publishing a trailer showing them talking about it. It turned out to be an April's Fool.
    • In Origines, Jadina forces Saryn to come in her tent and orders her to strip down. Next page, it's revealed she just wanted to use her as a replacement for her mirror to see if her new robes were fitting.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: played straight and horrifically subverted at the same time; Shimy did escaped her fate to become Anathos' reincarnation... only for Danael to have the place instead. More subverted when the heroes fail to save him and Jadina has to kill him. Sure, he came back, but no longer as a member of the Legendaries, and Word Of God has confirmed he wouldn't be part of the group again.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Anathos. He is terrifyingly Dangerously Genre Savvy, to the point he actually used the No Man of Woman Born trope to his advantage by putting a plan B based on it. This Plan B was part of a plan he put in place years before his actual return, meaning he had been expecting someone to try interfering that long ago. When Tenebris pretends to confess the Legendaries' location in order to set a trap as part of Jadina's scheme, Anathos sees through it. Later, he deduces the Legendaries' assault on the Castlewar was a mere diversion by not underestimating them.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Most main villains cross it at least once, but Anathos is especially notable in that he did so many horrible things it's hard to pick exactly when he crossed it. Destroying a whole recently born planet for the sake of testing his newly gained power ? Manipulating an innocent elven girl into becoming his future host for his reincarnation ? Crippling all the heroes for the rest of their life ? committing mass murder and attempting to destroy Alysia again as a revenge for the Gods trapping for years after he destroyed the original Alysia ? Killing his own Dark Mistress ? Pick your choice.
  • Narm: Dark-Gryf's very first line isn't really easy to take seriously...
    "My Name is Dark-Gryf and I'm veeeeeeeeery Evil ! Nyarf Nyarf !"
    • Gryf's Love Triangle with Shimy and Shun-Day post-Anathos Cycle is apparently intended to be perceived as a tragedy, but since the author keeps playing it comically and insert gags everywhere, it's rather hard to take it seriously.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: The Shimy/Shun-Day/Gryf Love Triangle was this by Book 16 in the eyes of most fans; it ended up reducing both female characters to borderline Satellite Love Interests, Gryf acted more and more like an asshole, the author kept portraying it as comical when it was supposed to be tragic, it ended up stealing the spotlight to vastly more interesting characters and antagonists, and on the top of that its conclusion was done by killing off Shun-Day. There is a reason Book 16 is considered one of the weakest books in the series.
  • The Scrappy: El Diablo; the character is a ridiculous and obnoxious villain with an ego so big he was actually willing to risk a possible cure to Alysia's condition (including his) just to keep his reputation as a great thief. Despite being a rather pathetic villain, he made the Legendaries look ridiculous when stealing them the cure, and they never had an occasion for a payback. Fortunately, he only shew up once.
  • Seasonal Rot: The Book 15-16 story arc got generally less good reception from the fans, mostly due to wasting most of its interesting characters in favor of focusing on the Romantic Plot Tumor between Shimy and Gryf, as well as making Gryf accomplish a few very questionable actions.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Book 15-16 have a subplot involving Amy's desire of revenge on the Galinas, causing a conflict around weither Shun-Day, who is half-Galina as well as Skroa's daughter, deserves to die or not. It's revealed in Book 16 Amy actually is her mother, causing her to give up revenge and become Shun-Day's Mama Bear... only for Shun-Day to still die by the end of the Book at the hand of Sheiba's Clipped Wing Angel form.
    • Similarly, the subplots about Razorcat having feelings for Nadkoko and Sheiba and Kel-Matu being a Childhood Friends end up unconcluded after both Razorcat and Sheiba are killed in their Clipped Wing Angel form.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Saryn's fate at the end of Origins: her father is killed by Raptor, and, while she gets to avenge him, she ends up being stung by a Darkhellion and turns into a Chaos Shade who attempts to murder Danael, causing Jadina to kill her. And she didn't even get to confess her feelings to Danael...
    • Jadina being forced to slay Danael at the end of the Anathos Cycle.
    • Razorcat's origin story, and his reaction when his mother order him to kill Nadkoko.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: suprisingly mostly averted; the changes from the Anathos Cycle were actually well-received by most fans.
    • Though some fans did complained about the books seemingly no longer going anywhere and the quest for the cure to the Jovenia incident being apparently dropped, as well as less action. The author actually listened to this complains, and posted an answer on his site to justify himself.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Book 15 and 16 feature amongst their antagonists Skroa (a long-established villain with a major role in the series' background as well as a special relationship with fan-favourite Shun-Day), Sheiba (a Magneto-like Jaguarian Knight Templar), Razorcat (her Morality Pet Tragic Villain son), and Eternity (who turns out to be not only a new God unknown until now, but Anathos' son). In the end, Skroa is killed off very quickly without having the time to accomplish anything of importance, Sheiba and Razorcat are overshadowed by Eternity for most of Book 16's climax before dying after a Clipped Wing Angel, and Eternity himself turns out to be a Generic Doomsday Villain who is rather unceremoniously disposed off, while the book instead choses to focus or Gryf's romance with Shimy, which by this point has started to become more annoying than anything else for the readers.
  • Too Cool to Live: Elysio, Shun-Day and Vangelis in the main series; Saryn and Alghar in Origins. Subverted twice in Book 3 of Origins with Samael.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Despite the kid-like drawings, those comics include a lot dark elements, including several severe cases of Family-Unfriendly Violence, multiple deadbodies shown onscreen and even mutilation scenes.
  • The Woobie: Elysio and Razzia, because of their respective backstory;
    • Saryn suits the place as well;
    • Jerkass Woobie: Shun-Day and to an extent Shimy, though the latter tends to be less jerkass as the story goes on.
      • Shun-Day becomes more Woobie than ever in Book 15-16, where we find out Gryf never really loved her and just used her feelings for him to speed up the creation of his Katseye and break up with Shimy. To make things worst, her father ends up killed (by her own mother with that), and she herself dies in a horrible way by the end of the Book.
      • Kasino, of all people, turns out to be this in Origins.
    • Woobie Species: The Jaguarians; despite having tried to live peacefully, they have been constantly chased and slaughtered like beasts by humans, when they are not captured and used in bloody gladiator-like games; They suffer from birth a sickness that turns them into blood-thirsty Berserker whenever they are in proximity of other Jaguarians, unless they wear a specific jewel they can never remove and they have to stick on their forehead when reaching adulthood. In the end, they were forced to live hidden and secluded from the world.

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