YMMV / Legend of the Dragon

  • Counterpart Comparison: Ang and Ling seem to resemble an older Zuko and Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The former are supposed to be fifteen (a year's difference at best to the latter) and were created after Avatar first aired, but the resemblance is striking.
  • Evil is Sexy: Ling as the Shadow Dragon has a fantastic design. Just look at this: [1]
  • Magnificent Bastard: An arguable case can be made for Master Chin, looking back on the fact that he keeps secrets from the twins that could probably have solved everything quickly if only he had told them. Hiding the truth about their father's death and their mother's existence is one example. Another is how he knew of the possibility of there being double golden dragons, but letting Ling go through her own path to this realisation. It is hard to decide if he is this trope or a Guile Hero.
    • Well, a Magnificent Bastard is mostly a villain. The character being described is not really a villain.