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YMMV: Le Morte d'Arthur
  • Moral Event Horizon: There are many knights in the tale that fit, with some knights being Ax-Crazy and some just doing it For the Evulz, but even some of the knights from the same Round Table aren't all that away.
    • Gawain and his brothers Agravain, Gaheris and Mordred in their shameful murder of Sir Lamorak de Gales. Finding this knight in bed with their mother prompted them to behead her, and then hunt him down, ambush him and kill him in a very unfair fight, four against one. Other knights tend to remind them of this crime and the shame involved.
    • King Mark of Cornwall's own murder is compared to the above. He was established as a cowardly ruler, and then became consumed with jealousy when his own nephew Sir Tristram became a famous knight. He married Tristram's lover, Iseult, out of spite, and made several murder attempts despite King Arthur's warnings. He is finally made irredeemable when he finds Tristram playing the harp to his lady Iseult in their sancturary, provided by Lancelot, and stabs Tristram there and then, in front of Iseult.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Sir Percival's unnamed sister is a favourite character. She's the only damsel who acts as well as is.
    • In other tellings this character is named Dindrane, and she's referred to as the "Grail heroine".

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