YMMV: Le Avventure Del Grande Darth Vader

  • It Gets Better: the first episodes of the comic were in black and white. Episode 6 has a character in color and the rest in black and white. From episode 7 on, everything is in color.
  • Misaimed Hatedom: in episode 22, two fans with opposing views argue whether the Commodore 64 or the Spectrum is the best 8-bit computer. After various tests, DARTH VADER concludes that both computers are "shit" and tells both fans to "go buy a PC". He then finds the same two nerds arguing whether ATI or nVidia makes the best video cards, so he subjects them to a Cool and Unusual Punishment, to remind them not to argue about such inane topics. The intended Aesop of the episode is "arguing about any computer system is stupid". Despite this, a reader of the comic insulted the author for "being unable to understand that technology was less advanced in the 1980s" and for posting "a comic with the only message that 8-bit computers are shit".