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YMMV / Laura Marling

  • Americans Love Laura Marling: While she doesn't quite have the fanbase she does in the U.K., she does have a presence (albeit small) in the U.S., and tours there often. This likely is because everyone discovered her in the States thanks to her former backing band Mumford & Sons.
  • Base Breaker: Surprisingly averted with the majority of Laura's work.
    • ...well, the studio version of Master Hunter broke it.
    • Her new American accent. Either beautiful like everything else she does or annoying and affected.
  • Big Name Fan: Jack White is a pretty big name fan, no? He essentially brought her to U.S. audiences with her cover of "The Needle And The Damage Done."
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Pretty much everything, but "Alpha Shallows" and "The Beast" are two of the best.
    • Pretty much the entire first half of Once I Was An Eagle is a thing of beauty.
  • Ear Worm: "Ghosts", "New Romantic", "Devil's Spoke", "Sophia", and "All My Rage".
  • Epic Riff: For a literal definition, "Alpha Shallows". That riff is awesome.
    • Also the "duu-nuuuh" thing at the beginning of "Ghosts".
    • The guitar at the beginning of "All My Rage" could count as one.
    • The riff throughout OIWAE is awesome and instantly recognizable.
  • Memetic Mutation: Fans agree that it's hard to listen to Sophia without laughing after watching this video.
  • One-Hit Wonder: YMMV for Marling, because everyone knows Ghosts in the UK, but her albums have gotten less and less popular, even as the songwriting became more mature.
  • Sophomore Slump: AVERTED. While her first album was acclaimed, the next two are even more so.
    • And now the fourth averts it even further.
  • Tear Jerker: "forgive me, Hera, I cannot stay..."
    • Blackberry Stone is already a tear jerker on the album, but live, Marling takes it up to Twelve.
    • Rest In The Bed.
    • "night after night, day after day, would you watch my body weaken, my mind drift away..."