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YMMV: Last Man Standing

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  • Broken Base: The episode "Hard Ass" teacher regarding Eve dropping a class with a hard teacher that nobody gets above a "C" in and taking one with an easier teacher so she can get an "A" and get into West Point. Was she wrong to back away from a challenge similar to one she would find at the Academy and in the Army or was she smart for realizing the school will only care about what grade she got, not the difficulty of the teacher?
    • Alexandra Krosney vs. Amanda Fuller, and who was better as Kristin. Krosney generally had better chemistry with the sisters, looking and acting related to them, and was just starting to grow into the role. Fuller had a rough start since her tenure coincided with the new emphasis on conservative vs. liberal conflict between Kristin and Mike (making her seem petty and contrarian, not helping with the change in performers), but that retool allowed more emphasis on Kristin with a feisty personality.
    • Whether the increased emphasis on conservative vs. liberal values as opposed to the gender gap between males and females was a good thing or not.
  • Critical Dissonance: To the point where the reviewers at AV Club are legitimately stumped that it gets the viewership it does.
  • Flame War: Good God the entire show. If you look at the IMDB message boards you'll find two camps: one that thinks the show is nothing but an intolerant, hateful, ignorant Author Tract for conservatism and another that praises the show for being willing to take shots at mainstream liberalism and promoting conservative values such as hard work and receiving what you earn.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Mike
  • Tough Act to Follow: It's Tim Allen's first television show since Home Improvement, it was bound to get this.

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